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minisafariworld offers an amazing off-road safari concept for kids to explore their natural surroundings in an adventurous way. Using replica scale cars such as Jeeps and Land Rovers, kids get to experience the thrill of driving their own vehicle off road through mud and puddles whilst looking out for safari animals along the way.

All minisafariworld cars are designed from the outset to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty commercial rental. They may be small but they are incredibly tough, easy to maintain, fully programmable and have sufficient battery power to last a whole day without recharging!


A minisafari is a themed off-road driving activity for children aged 3 to 10 using electric cars based around a Safari Ranger theme. All cars are miniature versions of real-life vehicles and include a fully branded version of the iconic Land Rover DEFENDER.

By using the latest modular manufacturing methods, we offer highly flexible designs and bespoke colours to suit your company logo, themes or sponsors’ requirements. Each off-road safari car can also be supplied with a dedicated ‘garage’, safari animals, educational material and branding to create a unique, themed minisafari for your company.

A minisafari can be operated on a dedicated course or along existing footpaths and tracks. As part of our standard client package, we will help you determine the best way to operate the minisafari along with suggestions of features and activities that you can include to increase the enjoyment.

It is possible to combine one of our minisafaris with our complimentary maritime product miniportworld (see to create a timeless land and sea experience for your customers.

We supply our concepts to clients in several ways:

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Revenue Share

Please contact us at I +31 6 11 05 84 66 to discuss how we can turn your interest in minisafariworld into a first class family attraction.

We work with clients in several ways:

  • Sale

  • Turnkey

  • Rental

  • Partnership


Nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf unter +31654928303 um mehr darüber zu erfahren, wie wir Ihr Interesse an minisafariworld in eine erstklassige Familienattraktion verwandeln können.

Please contact us to discuss how we can turn your interest in miniportworld into a first class family attraction



Miniportworld provides full support in designing, installing and promoting your minisafari. Once up and running, our multi-lingual team is on hand to answer your questions or help resolve any technical issues you may have. We also have a Client-only section of our website for FAQ’s, contacting our technical team, downloads, user guides and parts ordering. Please create a client login here.


We have clients all across Europe ranging from Theme Parks, Holiday resorts and Safari Parks to smaller Children’s Farms and Campsites​. All our clients operate highly profitable minisafaris ​attracting a range of customers including families, holidaymakers, schools, day-care groups etc.



Thursday, July 30 6:47 AM

Miniportworld BV has a new name: Longfish Leisure BV. Same company, same people and same great products but a new name to reflect the fact that we do a lot more than just produce boats for kids.

What is a Longfish and why Longfish Leisure?  We wish we could tell a great story involving Greek mythology, positive spiritual forces, dynamic links to our history and future etc. Unfortunately this is not the case; there is no such thing as a Longfish, it was simply a nickname for our founders’ eldest son when he was about 4 years old and became the name of the holding company behind Miniportworld; Longfish Holding! The name seemed to stick and was memorable so it made sense to continue the Longfish theme when choosing a new name, hence Longfish Leisure.  

Please note the following:

Contact details: Our address and telephone contact details remain unchanged but you will see a new logo and email addresses from now on. Our old miniportworld email addresses will remain active for some time but please update your contacts.

Company registration number: This remains the same as before: KvK Amsterdam: 51833794

Bank account details: Our account number remains the same but the name needs be changed to Longfish Leisure when making a transfer to us. If you use the old name then you will normally be prompted by the bank to change the name to Longfish Leisure BV.

Miniportworld® and Minisafariworld®: These registered brand names will continue to be used and are part of the Longfish Leisure portfolio of rental products for recreation.

Tuesday, May 12 11:29 AM

Miniportworld is excited to announce that we are
working on an order for Colchester Zoo

December 2018: Production of a bespoke model for a client in Switzerland based around the new Skoda Karoq – now making children happy in an entertainment complex in Flims, Switzerland

January 2019: Licensing agreement signed with Jaguar Land Rover enabling Minisafariworld to make Official replica Land Rover DEFENDERS. Land Rover will also be purchasing multiple units from us to use in their Experience Centres worldwide

May 2019: Some nice PR for minisafariworld and Land Rover – the Queen’s great grand-daughter photographed by the UK press driving one of our cars: link

August 2019: Record production for Minisafariworld with orders from as far afield as South Africa, Qatar and Canada in addition to multiple European countries.

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